George the Saint Bernard

George’s Story



In late 2012 an emaciated St Bernard was been handed in to us as a stray – we appealed for an owner to come forward, but no-one did, despite us registering him with both the Police and Dog Warden. When it became apparent he was going to be staying a while we decided to name him “George”.


On closer examination of George, it was evident that he was in very poor condition therefore he was sent to our vets for a full clinical examination. We knew he had been hit by a car and the driver was very helpful with our enquiries but this was the least of George’s problems.



Our Vet was appalled by his physical state – in his opinion the dog had been closed in somewhere for a prolonged period of time due to the severe lack of muscle mass. He was also underweight and his coat was caked in dog poo – it was so bad it had to be clipped off! He had infections in his skin, mouth and his eyes as well as a condition called Entropion, a common complaint with this breed which basically means their eyelids have excess skin which then causes secondary eye problems – painful conjunctivitis/keratitis.

He needed surgery on both eyes to correct this condition as it is causing him discomfort.




Despite his many problems, the vets and staff at Cedar Grove Vets said George was very friendly and good natured throughout his stay and after some recovery time with us at Crosskennan he was put up for adoption.




Like so many of our rescues, George’s inital treatment was very costly and we rely solely on public donations to be able to provide our animals with this care – to help us to continue you doing this please consider making a donation towards our continued work with so many others just like him.



UPDATE – Jan ’1715933876_1536596176381325_104193388_o

Large dog breeds like Saint Bernards require a special home and some extra care so finding homes for them can be hard and takes time. Despite our best
efforts George’s first home did not work out (through no fault of his own) and we had to put him up for adoption once again. Thankfully he has now found a fantastic home in the South of Ireland with a family who have years of large breed experience. We think he looks quite at home – don’t you?

George’s case is testament to the success of Crosskennan rehoming policy where we NEVER sell on our rescued animals and they always remain a Crosskennan animal until their final days. This means that no matter what, should their home fall through, no longer be suitable or their adoptive family cannot care for them for whatever reason, they can ALWAYS return to the safety of the sanctuary.


Please consider making a small donation towards our ongoing work to ensure we can always be there for the animals who need our help – CLICK HERE TO DONATE




After a long day making new friends



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