Goodbye Black Dog

Black Dog

On Wednesday past we had to say goodbye to one of the older residents at CLAS. 

Affectionately known as Black Dog, he came to us over a year ago from a council animal welfare case.  He was emaciated with filthy ears and very sore eyes.  Although he had problems with his hips and his behaviour wasn’t great, everyone at CLAS worked to train him.  In a very short space of time he began to enjoy life.  He was clean and tidy in his kennel and never once put a hole in his blankets (unlike some of his other friends).  His mobility over the past while started getting worse and despite pain relief he was starting to struggle and lose his spark. 
He was with some of his friends when he was put to sleep quietly in his kennel.  He wagged his tail right till the end.  

He is one amazing dog and we will never forget him.

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